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About Next Level Recruiting

Our mission is to provide an affordable option for high school athletes who have the desire to continue their career, a viable opportunity to showcase their talents and get noticed by college coaches. Every year millions of high school student athletes graduate with a desire to continue their careers at the next level. With over 8 million student athletes, it can be difficult to get noticed, especially if you live in a small community. Our platform is set up to give you an opportunity to get noticed and continue your dream. There are over 5,300 colleges in the United States, with the majority offering some type of athletic program. You are a needle in a haystack, and our site is designed to enhance your chances of getting noticed.


Coach Roar has extensively coached youth and high school football for over the last 15 years in Sierra Vista, AZ.  He went on to Arizona Western College in Yuma, AZ, and then went on to play football at the University of Colorado. While in Colorado, he played running back and special teams. Coach Roar graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and an Associate degree in Sociology. In 2014, he began his career as a real estate investor entrepreneur, which afforded him the opportunity to coach. He is passionate about helping young athletes achieve their dreams.

His coaching philosophy is: “I strive to enhance my players' talents while developing their leadership skills, self-discipline, and work ethics. The desire to improve, win and believe in each other is something that I push all my athletes to feel in all they do. A love for the game and a respect for teammates can make any young athlete reach goals that once seemed impossible.”