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College Baseball Recruiting


Baseball is known as one of the greatest American sports with millions of boys and girls growing up playing it. This has lead to a very exciting and competitive college baseball recruiting scene. For the very few out there who may not know exactly what baseball is, it’s a sport played between two teams. Each taking turns at hitting the ball thrown at them into the field of play with a bat. Once they smash the ball into the field they run the bases. They’ll advance counter-clockwise around the four bases to score a “run”. The defensive team's goal is to prevent batters from running the bases. The team who pulls off the most runs by the end of the game is the winner. For those who already know everything that it takes to succeed in this sport, it’s time to dive into the world of college baseball recruiting.


In this article we’ll be breaking down everything coaches are using to help decide what high school athletes can be used in their college baseball recruiting. We’ll discuss all the tips, tricks, coaches preferences and much more. This will help prepare you for the world of college baseball recruiting, which is very competitive.


There are no real restrictions for coaches when it comes to contacting potential recruits. They may reach out to the athletes via phone call, email, text, or even sending messages on Next Level Recruiting. The only time there will be any restrictions, is if the parent or guardian specifically asks not to be contacted with any of those methods. If you’re waiting for any coaches to reach out, be sure to be alert and ready! A very important thing to be prepared for is any questions they may have to ask you. Whenever you’re in contact with them, always present yourself with a very positive and outgoing attitude. Follow these tips and you’ll always be ready for any recruiting coaches. College baseball recruiting can be very fast paced and competitive. Make sure you’re prepared to keep the upper hand.


The best place to get registered at is Next Level recruiting. It doesn’t just end there. A very key thing is to also keep your social media profiles updated with any new accomplishments you may not have displayed already. Include many pictures and post very positive statuses. Showing that you stay very active is a great way for coaches to consider you when they’re out recruiting. Let us help you stay on your toes in this competitive world of college baseball recruiting. REGISTER HERE


Sometimes you may get a message or call from a college you may not be interested in. When this occurs, do not ignore it. Make sure you always respond and keep in contact with any coach who is interested. Sometimes coaches tend to talk to each other about their possible recruits. Ignoring any coach reaching out may actually hurt your chances in the college baseball recruiting process.


You may have some video that you’d like coaches to see during this process. If you do, avoid sending it to coaches that you do not have communication with yet. Coaches in many cases receive so many videos, they may not watch yours. The world of college baseball recruiting is very busy for them. The best time to send them any media files is when you have an open line of communication.


Since the coaches are recruiting for a college, grades become a very important factor. A big mistake many students do is achieve a high GPA at the start of their high school career, and begin to slow down by senior year. This can hurt considering grades become a concern for recruiters the closer the student is to going to college. Keeping your GPA up consistently goes a long way when it comes to college baseball recruiting.


Students often times express themselves on social media. This is why recruiters often search for profiles of athletes they’re considering to recruit. This helps give them a better idea of who you are. So the best thing to do is to only post things that display how you want to be perceived. If anything you post gives you a bad look, it’s best to just keep that off your social media profile. As it could hurt your position in college baseball recruiting.
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