College Bowling Recruiting

College Bowling Recruiting


Some may not know this but college bowling recruiting is actually very competitive. It’s a fun sport many of us play for fun throughout our life. So naturally there’s going to be a lot of people wanting to play it in college. Bowling is an extremely fun target sport. The player will roll the bowling ball toward the pins, and the goal is to knock down the most pins on every turn. The winner will have the highest score at the end. With all this competition it can be difficult to get noticed by recruiting coaches. Below we’ll list some great tips to help you be prepared and stand out in this competitive world of college bowling recruiting.


There is really no restrictions on how coaches can contact you unless you make it publicly known. This means you’ll have to keep an eye out for them contacting you via email, mail, text, phone call, and even social media. Once you receive a message from them, make sure you respond to them as soon as possible. Coaches are extremely busy, and bowlers are always looking for a path to college playing this great sport. This means coaches will have no problem moving onto the next bowler if they don't get a response from you. College bowling recruiting is very competitive and can make people very busy. Time is important.


Make sure that you don’t limit yourself to what schools you’d consider. Remember college bowling recruiting is a lot more difficult than you’d think. Setting limits will only make it tougher. Don’t fixate on big name schools. You may discover a school that fits you better that you haven't heard of. So keeping an open mind can help a lot.


When you get offered an official visit, this means they’ll have you on campus. Make sure you don't make it an in and out visit. Showing interest can help you land a recruitment opportunity. It’s also important to really get a feel for the school. Walk around check out the atmosphere. See if the students are friendly, and just try to imagine living there. This will help you make the right decision if you are offered a spot from the coach. Official visits are extremely important don’t pass one up or they’ll move to the next bowler. College bowling recruiting is too competitive to take lightly.


Using social media is important but you have to be careful with it. The best way to treat your social media is to consider it what represents you in the world of college bowling recruiting. Keep a clean image on your favorite platforms, coaches are on them as well. When they’re considering you chances are they’ll look you up on all platforms.


Next Level recruiting is also used by a lot of coaches that are out recruiting. Make sure to make a profile and wait for coaches to get in contact. Keep your profile updated with accomplishments and pictures. Stand out to coaches by being active on all platforms.



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