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College Football Recruiting - Tips, Tricks and Coaches Preferences

College Football Recruiting Stadium

What Coaches Are Looking For

Have you ever wondered what Coaches are looking for when deciding which high school athletes to recruit for college football? In this article, we cover the tips, tricks, coaches preferences and more so you have the best chance available to you in the competitive world of college football recruiting.

No Restriction Guidelines

When Coaches are looking to recruit for college football players there are absolutely no restrictions on contacting potential recruits. They can call, email, text, or send you messages on Next Level Recruiting as long as your parent or guardian does not ask otherwise.

What this means for you: Be Ready! If a coach is contacting you, be sure you have already thought of the answers to potential questions they may ask. Don’t get caught on your toes and always express a positive outgoing attitude. This will help you position yourself to potential recruiting coaches in the best way possible.

Register & Stay Updated On Next Level Recruiting 

Since the above applies, make sure you have registered on Next level Recruiting and are updating your social profiles and timelines with accomplishments, pictures, and positive status. Nothing stands out more than an active member in the community coaches also belong to.


Always Respond

If a coach reaches out to you from a college you are not interested in attending, make sure to always respond. Often times, coaches know and talk to other coaches and by not responding you may hurt your overall chances on your path to college football recruiting.


Only send videos to college coaches if they have requested them. Coaches are busy and if they are not expecting it, there is a large possibility it will not be looked at. Coaches often receive up to 100 videos a week or more. If you are adamant about a coach seeing your video, make sure that a line of communication has been struck and that you have reached out to let them know a video is on the way. 


It is never too late to raise your GPA. Often holding a higher GPA’s in earlier semesters, but lower GPA’s in later semesters are less beneficial than the opposite. As you near your senior year, do not slow down in your academic accomplishments. Keep pace and continue to put your best effort forward in all that you do. College football recruiting coaches become more concerned with your GPA the closer you are to transitioning into college.

Social Media

Make sure that your social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) accurately reflect what you want coaches to see. It’s not uncommon for recruiting coaches to message you, look for and to find you on these platforms when they are recruiting for college football teams. If what you’re posting isn’t helping them to understand who you are in positive ways, then it probably shouldn’t be posted.


Communicating with coaches for college football recruiting is the number one most important factor and should be done early. Not only that, but the communication should always come from the athlete. By doing so it shows an apptitude for self management, perserverence, and extroversion.

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