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Next Level Recruiting Tips

  1. Pick the list of schools that you're interested in, and find out their admissions requirements.

  2. Create an email address with your name, graduation year, and positions, if possible. For Example, (JohnSmithclassof2020RB) is John Smith from the 2020 class and plays Running Back.

  3. Be careful what you post on social media. Coaches are using social media to gauge an athlete's character. Be humble and keep your postings positive if you are on social media.

  4. Collect as many meat, matches, or game footage as possible. Coaches want to see what you can do consistently.

  5. This should go without saying - keep your grades up. Start preparing for SATs and ACTs as soon as possible.

  6. If you are a dual-sport athlete, continue playing multiple sports. Being a multiple-sport athlete shows versatility and many coaches see dual-athletes as a benefit.

  7. Stay active in your recruiting process to have a better chance of standing out to coaches. For example, attend local camps and combines if possible. Email, mail, and call schools that you're interested in. If you have created a bio on our page, share your link often.